Version 2.7 is underway

ZenEdit Support Staff

The next major version is nearing completion. The focus this time is on adding additional MIDI Out capabilities and also improvements to the note selection workflow. We're also adding module support for several newly released drum brains.

If you have any ideas or requests for new features, now is the time to submit them here!


06/02/14 11:46 PM PST


Can 2 different sound/midi note be put on one trigger with different velocity curves like you can do on a Roland SPD-20 so layering would be easier to do

06/03/14 7:23 AM PST

ZenEdit Support Staff

You already asked that ;)
Previous response.

06/03/14 9:22 AM PST


Would it ever be possible to have more than 16 custom presets (or setups) or is it a hardware limitation? I use at least 25 on HPD-15. This is useful for mapping midi notes to different musical scales plus having other presets to work well with different VSTs. Some VSTs require higher or lower velocity curves. Others don't have midi learn functions and require custom maps on hardware instead.
Thank you

06/14/14 4:01 PM PST

ZenEdit Support Staff

The Zendrum only has 16 total user presets available. This is a hard limit that cannot be worked around.

If you require more than 16 you'd need to use more than one ZenEdit project file and then upload the appropriate set of 16 to your Zendrum before your performance, etc. -- but it can only hold 16 at a time.

06/14/14 6:25 PM PST


Support for BFD ECO out of the box (like BFD 2 and 3) would be nice.

06/19/14 5:36 PM PST

ZenEdit Support Staff

It *should* use the same keymap as normal BFD, though I have not tried this.

06/19/14 9:41 PM PST


Is it possible to play synth with Zendrum? To have the sound keep playing as long as the trigger is pressed down, or does the hardware not allow it?

Also I noticed that finger rolls are not possible like with other controllers. Half of the notes get lost when doing fast rolls.

07/17/14 1:16 PM PST

ZenEdit Support Staff

Zendrum triggers are piezoelectric and are not pressure sensitive so no, it's not possible to control the length of a note by pressing on them.

You can however set the note duration for any trigger from within ZenEdit. When you strike a trigger, the Zendrum broadcasts a MIDI Note On message followed by a Note Off message. The amount of time that elapses between the messages determines the note duration. By default this is 10 milliseconds.

Regarding finger rolls, it's important to note that the Zendrum can only transmit one note at a time per trigger. So long as you've not changed the default duration then, the Zendrum is capable of transmitting up to 100 notes per second. Assuming your sound source is capable of handling this many notes then you shouldn't have a problem. I frequently play 32nd notes on my Zendrum with BFD3 and I've never had an issue with notes being lost.


07/18/14 3:42 PM PST